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About the case process

The case process - step by step


We receive the complaint

When we receive a complaint from a complainant, we register the complaint as a case.

When can you complain?Send in a complaint

We go through the complaint

We read through the complaint, and see if we can process the case.

The complainant will receive an invoice for payment of the case processing fee

The case processing fee

We send the complaint to the respondent

When we receive payment for the case processing fee, we send the complaint to the respondent. The complainant will receive a copy.

The respondent will have deadline to confirm that the complaint is received and respond to the complaint.

I have received a complaint

We receieve the reply

If the respondent responds to the complaint, we send the reply to the complainant.

How to see the current status of your complaint?


We offer mediation in cases where we deem it suitable.

If the parties agree to try mediation, we will hold a video conference. If the parties come to agreement we will write a settlement and close the case.

About mediation


If the case is not solved through mediation we will decide the case in the form of a written decision.

Before that, we consider if the parties should be given the opportunity to provide more information

Decisions in the Rent Disputes Tribunal is made by an unbiased case leader, a committee member from the side of the tenants and a committee member from the side of the landlords.

When the decision is written, we send the decision to the parties. The decision is final and enforceable if none of the parties appeal it to the district court.


The claim settlement

In most cases one of the parties must pay an amount to the other. This entails a financial settlement being made.

It is the parties themselves who are responsible for making sure the payments are made and received.

Calculate the interest on overdue payments here

If the person who owes you money does not pay, you can contact the enforcement officer, who can help you receive your money.

Contact information to the enforcement officer (Norwegian)

The Rent Disputes Tribunal is not responsible for the settlement. After the decision is sent to the parties, the case is closed at the Rent Disputes Tribunal.