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Hopp til hovedinnhold

Help to ensure orderly tenancies

The Rent Disputes Tribunal is an official body that provides guidance on tenancy matters to landlords and tenants. If conflict occurs during the tenancy, we resolve the dispute through mediation or written decisions.

Our case processing time is usually 12 weeks. When the case is prepared for a decision the decision will usually be sent out within 6 weeks. Using our digital forms and having an operative digital mailbox contributes to an efficient case processing and a shorter processing time.

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The Rent Disputes Tribunal publishes our written decisions on Lovdata. We normally do not know if the decision has been taken to the district court. If we are notified that the case is appealed, this information will be included in the summary of the decision in question. Only 3% of our cases is appealed to the district court.

If you want to make sure that the decision is final and enforceable, you can contact us or the district court.

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