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Send in a complaint

Before you send in a complaint it is important that you familiarize yourself with how the case processing in the Rent Disputes Tribunal works. The complaint must be written in Norwegian. Read through the steps below, where we guide you on how to fill out the complaint. You can find our digital complaint form in the link at the bottom of this page.

Digital mail

The Rent Disputes Tribunal primarily sends you information through digital mail.

We therefor recommend that you check and make sure you have a digital mailbox before you submit a complaint.

You can read more about how to open a digital mailbox here

Here you can watch a short video with information on digital mailboxes.


Not sure if you can submit a complaint?

See if you can submit a complaint

How to submit a complaint - step by step


Can you submit a complaint?

If you have have entered into a tenancy agreement, you can submit a complaint to the Rent Disputes Tribunal.

If you are filing a complaint on behalf of a landlord or tenant, you need to have a an authorized mandate.

If you are representing a company you need approval from the chairman of the board.

Mandate form

Gather the necessary evidence for your case

Find and gather the relevant evidence in support of your case. It is your responsibility to send in evidence and explain how the evidence supports your statement. Information you send in must be relevant for the claims in the case.

Some examples of evidence are tenancy agreements, pictures, receipts and communication between the parties. You must gather the evidence in a PDF-file that you attach with the complaint.

We do not accept video- or audio files without prior approval

To send in video- or audio files, you must first send us a written statement of what the files are supposed to prove, and explain why they are important evidence in the case. The Rent Disputes Tribunal will notify you if the evidence can be admitted.


Fill out and submit the complaint form

The complaint form provides guidance on the content and information that it is necessary to include in the complaint. Mark off and fill out the boxes that are relevant for your complaint. Please read the information guides a long the way thoroughly.

It is your responsibility that the complaint includes the information necessary to process your case. It is your responsiblity to provide information about the opposing part's address. You can find a link to the digital complaint form further down on this page.

Go to the complaint formCommon disagreements

We register your complaint as a case

When we have received the complaint and registrered it with a case number in our system, you will receive an invoice from us for the case processing fee. As of today it costs NOK 1199,- for the landlord and NOK 239,- for the tenant to submit a complaint. The invoice for the case processing fee must be payed before the case can be processed.

Case processing fees and interest rates

What happens next?

If you have to make corrections to your complaint before we can process it, we will send you a letter where you are given a deadline to make the necessary adjustments.

We can not give you advice about what you can and cannot claim. If you have to submit additional evidence or other information, you can do so through e-mail or regular mail.

Read more about the case processing in the Rent Disputes Tribunal

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