Hopp til hovedinnhold

I have received a complaint

Have you received a complaint? Do not despair. Here you can find information about what you have to do and how you can respond to the complaint.

Important information

  • You have to confirm that you have received the complaint within eigth days.
  • The deadline for responding to the complaint is 14 days from the complaint is received.
  • If you do not submit your response within the deadline, the Rent Disputes Tribunal may decide the case based on the information provided in the complaint.

The Rent Disputes Tribunal primarily sends out information to you throught digital mail. You can watch a short film with information about digital mail here. You can read more about how to open a digital mailbox here.


This is what you do


Confirm that you have received the complaint

The first thing you must do is confirming that you have received the complaint. Send an e-mail to the Rent Disputes Tribunal where you write your case number, your full name and that you have received the complaint. Alternatively you can sign and return the receipt that you find attached the letter with the complaint. The deadline for confirming that you have receieved the complaint is eight days.

If you do not confirm that the complaint is received, we will have to send you the complaint by using the police. They can seek you out at home or at work to notify you about the complaint.

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Decide if you accept the claims in the complaint

The response is your opportunity to address the claims in the complaint. In our digital reply form, which you can find further down on this page, you can mark if you accept all the claims, some of the claims or none of the claims. You can also explain what you think about the claims in the complaint.

The deadline for sending in the response is 14 days from the complaint was announced to you. If you do not send in the response within the deadline, the Rent Disputes Tribunal may decide the case based on the information received in the complaint.


Gather necessary evidence

Gather relevant evidence that supports your explanation. Some examples of evidence is communication between the parties, pictures, written statements from professionals or other witnesses and bank statements.

It is your responsibility to send in evidence and write how the evidence supports your statement. Information that you send in must be relevant for the claims in the case. You can gather the evidence in a PDF-file, that you attach with the reply form.

We do not accept video- or audio files without prior approval

To send in video- or audio files, you must first send us a written statement of what the files are supposed to prove, and explain why they are important evidence in the case. The Rent Disputes Tribunal will notify you if the evidence can be admitted.

Read more about evidence and how to submit it

Fill out and send in the reply form

Your filled our reply form is your answer to the claims in the complaint. The response must be written in Norwegian. The easiest way for you to send in the response is to fill out the reply form. You will find the link to the reply form further down on this page.

If you are not able to use the reply form, you can send the response in an e-mail or by regular mail. If you send the response by e-mail, you have to gather all your evidence in one single PDF-file.

If you have your own claim against the opposing party, you can send in a counter claim. If you are sending in a response or a counter claim on behalf of someone other than your self, you must submit a mandate form. If you are representing a company, you need authorization from the chairman of the board.

Go to the reply formRead more about what a counter claim isMandate form


What happens next?

When the Rent Disputes Tribunal have received your response, we will consider if the parties should be offered mediation, or if we will decide the case through a written decision. We send a copy of the response to the opposing part.

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Ready to send in a response?