Claim from the landlord (use the help text behind the question marks)

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Linken til Google Translate er kun ment som et hjelpemiddel som du kan velge å benytte, og det kan forekomme feil i oversettingen. HTU tar ikke ansvar for eventuelle feil.
The legal language is Norwegian. The forms must therefore be submitted in Norwegian. The translations are only meant as an aid so that you can understand the text
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Sometimes the complainant or the complainant's representative has a separate case number/reference, for example if the complainant are using a debt collection company as a proxy. If there is such an internal case number, it can make it easier to find the case with complainant/complainant's attorney if disclosure also about this.
Complainant's reference/case no.hjelp

What does the claim relate to? Provide a brief description (e.g. "The case relates to compensation).

What is the address of the tenancy?

*Post code
*Postal location
Size of dwelling m2
Number of rooms


Enter your date of birth in 6 digits. It can for example help to avoid confusion of persons if the person has a very common name.
Date of birthhjelp
Preferably write the full identification number with 11 digits. The first 6 numbers are the date of birth (DDMMYY) and the last 5 are the person number. It makes it easier to find the right person, and HTU get the ability to send electronic mail to Digipost or E-box if the person is using it.
Write the DUF number of 12 digits for foreign citizens. It can help that the right person can be contacted at the right place, and prevent misidentification of individuals with similar names.
DUF numberhjelp
If there is a company, state registration number with 9 digits. The organization number can be found on
Company registration numberhjelp
*Post code
*Postal location
Mobile number
Please just use one.
Account numberhjelp
The parties themselves are responsible for carrying out any payment. If you provide information about your account number, it becomes easier for the other party to pay in case you come to an agreement.
Innvoice Recipienthjelp
You can give another person the right to act on your behalf in the case. You can also give the proxy the right to conclude a settlement on your behalf. On find a proxy form you can use.
Does the complainant have an authorised representative? hjelp
If there is more than one person who is complaining or defending, the HTU send letters to all the parties. It is possible that several complainants or the respondent agree to be represented by one representative, and HTU will then send letters only to the proxy. Feel free to use HTUs proxy form.
Are there several complainants? hjelp