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How to check the status of your complaint?

Are you wondering what is happening with your case?

Be patient

There are rules for the case processing that we have to follow. Both parties must be given the opportunity to comment and respond to the claims. This causes the processing to take some time - but do not despair. Your case has not been forgotten. You receive a letter adressed to you, or one where you are copied in, every time something happens in your case.

The processing time varies from case to case. The average processing time for a case is 94 days.


Where can you check the current status?

The Rent Disputes Tribunal does not have a website where you can check the current status in your case. You will however find information about what is happening in your case in the last letter we sent you. Where you will find the last letter depends on whether you are a company or a private individual.

More about the case process

Private individuals

As a private individual you receive your letters in your digital mailbox. If you have digitial mailbox, you will receive our letters quickly and safely.

If you have not activated a digital mailbox, Digipost or e-Boks, you will receive our letters as regular mail. Letters sent as regular mail prolongs the case processing time.

Watch a short video about digital mailOpen a digital mailboxGo to DigipostGo to e-Boks

Check your settings

As a private individual you have to check your notification settings in your digital mailbox. Make sure you are notified through e-email and/or SMS when you receive a letter from us.

Make sure that the e-mail notifications do not go in your spam folder.

If your digital mailbox has not been used in the last 14 months it may be inactive.



If you are representing a private company, you will recieve our letters digitally in Altinn.

For more information on digital communication with companies:

Go to Altinn

Public entity

If you are acting on behalf of a public entity you will recieve our letters digitally in separete system or in Altinn.

For more information on digital communication with public entities:

Go to Altinn

Open the last letter you have received from us, either in Altinn, Digipost/e-Boks or a regular mailbox. Here you will find information about your case.

How you can see the current status

When something new happens in your case, we will send you are letter with information. Remember to read the letter thoroughly, and check if you need to send in any information.